Beachfront Private Event Venue

Baan Dum, which means ‘black house’ in Thai, offers an authentic beachfront dining experience. Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood restaurant serves the local taste of Hua Hin along with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets daily. Furthermore, the restaurant’s unique and traditional architecture with an indoor and outdoor terrace, dates back to the era of Rama IV’s reign. Baan Dum Oceanfront restaurant can be hired as a beachfront private event venue for your next birthday, anniversary, or special celebration.


Baan Dum Oceanfront restaurant is the perfect beachfront private event venue

This serene seaside seafood restaurant is a peaceful and scenic space. Also, the large open lawn is ideal for hosting private events by the beach. This can be in the form of a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner party. The venue is beautifully decorated with swinging mood  lighting, as well as the alluring sea as the backdrop. It can accommodate up to 160 guests and can be decorated to your exact specifications. This includes the theme, decorations, flowers and any additional props you may need.

The experience is further enhanced by the sound of beach waves and live bands playing music in the background. These little touches can make your private event more cosy, fun and interactive. Furthermore, Baan Dum Oceanfront restaurant is conveniently located at Movenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin, which can be easily reached but also hidden away from the crowds. Nevertheless, the restaurant has its own private access and plenty of parking for guests. 


Delicious food & beverage packages for your Beachfront Private Event 

Open seven days a week, Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood restaurant is frequented by locals and has built a reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in Hua Hin. Recommended menus include ‘Nam Prik Khai Pu’, which is a flavourful and spicy local dish. A crab egg dip that is served with seasonal vegetables. Another well known seafood dish is ‘Goong Phad Prik Glua’. This local favourite is a simple fresh prawn dish. Local prawns are stir-fried with salt and chilli for a simple seasoning. If you are looking for something healthy and light, ‘Pla Talay’ is the recommended menu. It is Thai spicy seafood salad, mixed with lemongrass for that extra zest. 

A good beachfront private event venue also needs a good assortment of beverages. That’s why Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood restaurant has an extensive drink selection from cocktails and mocktails to beers and wines. You can also choose to serve wine or spirits by the bottle. This option is ideal for a big group. With Baan Dum’s drink list, you and your guests will be sure to find the perfect pairing for your meal.   

Cheers to a charming outdoor setting

Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood restaurant offers custom food packages along with a variety of beverages for your beachfront private event. Start the evening off with a cocktail or a beverage of your choice, served on the oceanfront lawn. You and your guests can watch dusk set in over the Gulf of Thailand. Then,  you can continue on to enjoy the authentic Thai cuisines, local fresh seafood and barbecue delights. Finish off the night by requesting your favourite songs as you indulge in a selection of Thai desserts and Movenpick ice creams. This includes ‘Khao Neow Ma Muang’ or better known as mango with sticky rice. For something a little different, try the ‘Gluay Tod with Ice Cream Ma Prao’. This delicious dish is a deep fried banana dish served with rich coconut ice cream.     

If you are looking for a beachfront private event venue in Hua Hin, then Baan Dum  is the perfect spot. For more information, please call 032 520 777 or email: [email protected].

Beachfront private event venue