Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood

“Heritage house serving delicious seafood”

Baan Dum – meaning ‘black house’ is a leading Hua Hin Seafood restaurant – offers a tantalising culinary voyage inspired by the local flavours of Hua Hin, in an authentic architectural setting with sea views. Well know as a Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood fresh fish and seafood naturally the star attractions here, ably assisted by the finest ingredients sourced daily from local markets.

Architecturally, Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood stands out because of its unique style, dating back a hundred years to the era of Rama VI’s reign.

Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood is located in Hua Hin Soi 5, just 5 minutes away from Hua Hin airport and is set right at the prime spot. The restaurant offers an al fresco open-air seating with exquisite views over the Gulf of Thailand. The atmosphere is complemented by the enchanting melodies of a singer.



“A well known Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood serving the freshest catch prepared with authentic Thai flavours”


Being a Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood,  diners will be dazzled by authentic Thai cuisine, exotic bounty of fresh seafood, barbecued delights. The flavors are amazing, and the preparation is impressive and shows traditional techniques.

The menu is comprehensive and features well-loved classics such as Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong. There are many outstanding choices in Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood’s menu and surely, everyone can find an instant favorite. The Gaeng Som Khai Pla Riew Giew Yod Maprow On or Spicy and sour curry soup with giant catfish roe and young coconut shoot is perfectly cooked, is jucy and is an incredible offering. The Coconut curry with crab meat and wild betel leaves is another hit that you simply can’t miss and a favourite at this Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood.

Desserts are a part of every great meal and Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood has plenty to offer those with a sweet tooth. The traditional fave Khao Neow Ma Muang or Mango with sticky rice served with yummy coconut milk deserves praise. The restaurant’s Gluay Tod Kub Ice-cream Ma Prao or Deep fried banana with coconut ice cream is also worth trying.

This Hua Hin restaurant is an exclusive eatery with just 40 seats. This intimate size allows the chefs to create highly personalised dining experiences, including serene sunset dinners and private events for small groups.

Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood is easily one of the premier Hua Hin Restaurant for Seafood. Guests will have a wonderful time enjoying the menu of well cooked Thai food and the comforting feel of the restaurant. This is a perfect place for a romantic dinner date or a family gathering.


Here is our pick of the must try dishes when you dine at Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood


  1. NAM PRIK KHAI PU – Spicy crab egg dip with vegetableTHB 380
  2. PLA SALMON / TALAY – Spicy salmon / seafood salad with lemongrassTHB 360/ 260
  3. HOI TALUB PHAD CHA – Stir fried hard clam with Thai herb hot and spicy sauce THB 210
  4. KHAO OB SUBPAROD TALAY – Pineapple fried rice with seafood THB 210
  5. TOM KHA TALAY / GAI MAPRAO ON – Seafood/ chicken, Coconut and Galangal Soup THB 250/ 210
  6. GAENG PU BAI CHAPLU – Coconut curry with crab meat and wild betel leaves THB 290
  7. PLA TOD SAMOON PRAI – Deep fried fish with Thai herbs THB 520
  8. GOONG PHAD PRIK GLUA – Stir fried shrimp with salty chili THB 290

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