Thai restaurant in Hua Hin

Baan Dam Oceanfront Seafood is a superb Thai restaurant in Hua Hin, with a wonderful atmosphere and a breathtaking view of the sea.

Baan Dam Oceanfront Seafood, is a Thai restaurant in Hua Hin , is a “Thai style house” that was built during the reign of King Rama VI and is more than 100 years old. The restaurant takes its name from the black color of its exterior design.

Baan Dam Oceanfront Seafood is decorated in the style of a Thai wooden house with a high basement distinguished by the wooden structure, all in black. eye-catching and magical, which makes the restaurant stand out from the other restaurants.

This Thai restaurant in Hua Hin serves you in two areas: the basements of Thai houses and an open courtyard on the grass next to the beach with a spectacular view of the sea, so you will feel a cool breeze while enjoying the dinner.

Crab Curry with Cha-Plu Leaves

Baan Dam Oceanfront Seafood serves delicious, spicy Thai food. When you visit this Thai restaurant in Hua Hin, the recommended menu that you should not miss is “Crab Curry with Cha-Plu Leaves.” We also select the premium ingredients, such as fresh back-shoulder crab meat that is meticulously prepared with a spicy curry recipe, so this is the menu that you should order.

Another recommended menu is “Chili Paste with Crab Eggs,” with a full flavor of spicy, oily, lulling that you must try, or another recommended menu is “Stir-fried Prawns with Salt and Chili,” with the freshness of the shrimp and firm meat stir-fried with chili and salt to promise that you will like it.

If you are a fan of hot pan dishes, we strongly recommend the menu “Hot Pan Fried Seafood,” which features fresh seafood ingredients such as shrimp and squid that have been carefully prepared with spicy seasoning and stir-fried with herbs and served in a hot pan.

Also, when you go to Hua Hin, you shouldn’t miss out on fresh seafood dishes. Baan Dam Restaurant has chosen the best seafood from the local market with an eye for quality to make sure that every dish serves you with quality dishes so you can enjoy the taste of fresh seafood to your satisfaction.

The western menu is decorated in Thai style. It still maintains its delicious taste. and shows where Baan Dam Restaurant is, which invites you to try a lot more menus.

If you are a fan of drinks, you should not miss the  wide variety of delicious drinks listed on the menu, such as creative signature cocktails, colorful mocktails, and premium wine, so you can choose from a variety of flavors on the drink menu while having a fantastic meal. Why don’t you come and join us?

After enjoying the recommended special menus and drinks mentioned above, end your memorable meals with the fabulous dessert menu at this Thai restaurant in Hua Hin, “Fried Banana with Coconut Ice Cream.” A fried banana that has been fried in a golden color and is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is paired with fragrant, sweet, and oily homemade coconut ice cream, making your meal more enjoyable.

During your special day with your family, friends, or loved ones, Baan Dam Restaurant Oceanfront Seafood offers live music from 18:00–21:00 every day except Wednesday to ensure that you will more fully enjoy and relax.

Indulge in the chill and relaxing atmosphere to get closer to nature. Make your day so special. Baan Dum Oceanfront Seafood Restaurant awaits you.

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Baan Dam Restaurant Oceanfront Seafood is open daily from 12:00–22:30 hrs.

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